6 Super Realistic Ways Liverpools Title Challenge Could Fall Apart Even More After Alisson Injury

​Winning comfortably on the opening day has gone some way to calming any nerves on Merseyside as Liverpool fans prepare for another title-contending season, but a cloud was left looming over Anfield after first-team goalkeeper Alisson Becker was forced off through injury.

It's still unknown just how long the Brazil international will be out of action, but early guesses suggest that Alisson could be on the treatment table until next month at the earliest, meaning back up goalkeeper Adrián could be in between the sticks for the next few league games.

This early setback could see Liverpool's title challenge thrown down the drain before it's even started, but it's not the only way that the club could be derailed as they look to win their first-ever Premier League winners medal.

Here's a handful of other, super serious, 100% realistic ways that Liverpool's title charge could fall apart during the course of the 2019/20 season.

Mo Salah Re-Injures His Shoulder Posing With John Lennon Outside the Cavern Club

Still too soon?

There's plenty on offer in Liverpool which can be difficult to get through all in one day, but a must for anyone visiting for the first time has to be taking a stroll down Mathew Street to see the legendary John Lennon immortalised in bronze.

Mohamed Salah's already had a guided tour of The Beatles Story at the Albert Docks, so why wouldn't the Egyptian King want to soak up as much culture as possible. And if it isn't a bronze Lennon that gets him, surely Salah won't be quite so lucky with the Superlambanana.

(For anyone who hasn't been to Liverpool before, yes, it's literally a cross between a lamb and a banana.)

Virgil van Dijk & Gini Wijnaldum Form a Boy Band & Go on Tour With Memphis Depay

There something in the water in Holland that makes professional footballers turn to music, although Ruud Gullit's "Not the Dancing Kind" and Jürgen Locadia's various tracks - the latter is even signed to a label - haven't quite hit it off quite like former Manchester United star, Memphis Depay.

With almost 185,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and his hit track "No Love" having more that 10m views on YouTube, Depay's latest hit saw international teammates like Justin Kluivert, Tonny Vilhena and Steven Bergwijn also appear in the music video.

It's only a matter of time before a long-awaited Oranje supergroup is formed, so Virgil van Dijk and Georginio Wijnaldum are odds on to be drafted in for some reason or another.

The Squad Forfeits a Match to Go to the Junkyard Golf Club Instead

Another one which might not be all that apparent if you've never been to the city, the writing's on the wall for a golf-loving squad of Liverpool players to ditch their day jobs and go for one hell of an afternoon at Liverpool One's Junkyard Golf Club

With three nine-hole courses and a bar on each one, it's safe to say that a group of players who watched The Masters instead of title rivals Manchester City last April will be in no state what so ever to run out in the Premier League after a trip to Junkyard Golf.

 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Is Cast in the New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movie

Cast your mind back a few years and you might just remember a promotional video that Paddy Power released, with the help of a handful of Arsenal players.

In it, Santi Cazorla made fun of his height, Olivier Giroud didn't even need to act when he was admiring how 'gorgeous' he was (is?), and Lewis Hamilton said that he looked like Theo Walcott...or was it the other way around?

Liverpool's Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain also made an appearance and referenced his uncanny resemblance to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, even letting out a very convincing 'Cowabunga' at the end of the video.

It's only a matter of time before Nickelodeon pick up the phone.

Jürgen Klopp Resigns to Stop Brexit

Jurgen Klopp

Watch out Boris, the Germans are coming!

Jürgen Klopp isn't shy to talk about his political views, although he rarely goes there of his own volition, and in an interview last year the Liverpool manager even urged for there to be another referendum after the fall out from the first.

Via The Guardian, Klopp said: "When Mr [David] Cameron had the idea [of a referendum] you thought: ‘This is not something people should decide in a moment.’ The choice was either you stay in Europe, which is not perfect, or you go out into something nobody has any idea how it will work.

"So you give people the chance to make this big decision. And then it’s a 51-49 [51.9%-48.1%] vote and you’re thinking: ‘Wow, 49% are not happy with the decision that’s going to change the country.’ For the 51%, I’m sure they realised pretty early after the vote: ‘What have we done?’

"Let’s think about it again and let’s vote again with the right information – not with the information you’ve got around the Brexit campaign. They were obviously not right, not all of them. It makes no sense at all."

Make Britain Toll Again.

Colgate Pay Roberto Firmino's Release Clause

Cheryl Cole was snapped up by L'Oreal, Justin Timberlake pocketed $6m thanks his partnership with McDonalds and boxing-legend-turned-grilling-guru George Foreman...well, you know the rest.

Oral hygiene company Colgate might have had a few famous faces in their advertisements over the years, but they're missing a trick by not using the best, if not a little bit frightening, set of teeth in professional sport.

Roberto Firmino's current contract doesn't technically have a release clause for Colgate to pay, although it does include an anti-Arsenal one which was drafted in following the £40m plus £1 debacle involving Luis Suárez. 

Source : 90min