Liverpool Fans Melt Down on Twitter as Key Duo Ruled Out of Champions League Clash With Barcelona

​On Monday afternoon, Liverpool fans learned that the club would be without both Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino for the Champions League semi-final second leg against Barcelona at Anfield. 

Obviously, with the ​Reds already faced with a three-goal disadvantage following the Lionel Messi masterclass of the first leg, this wasn't exactly the kind of news fans were hoping to hear. 

Cue a chorus of self-deprecating despair from Liverpool Twitter, as well as some expected (but probably misplaced) defiance. 

Understandably, many fans were unable to actually express their feelings in words (who wants to do that these days anyways?!?!), opting for a variety of gifs and images. The dead-eyed stare was an early favourite:

Fans then concentrated on the players that could still help them complete an unlikely comeback against the Spanish champions, with varying levels of sincerity:

There was even a shout for the (apparently) famed sauce-bringing Liverpool Echo journalist James Pearce, who was one of the initial reporters of the news, to get the nod up front, with some admittedly convincing photographic evidence to support the claim:

For some though, humour was hard to come by, as the sadness of the situation sunk in. Naturally, Neil Warnock's perennial grief-stricken face was a popular conveyor of this feeling:

​​However, despite the almost inconceivable prospect of such an impressive season ending trophy-less becoming more and more real with every passing day, there were some eternal optimists out there who chose to look on the bright side.

Ahh, that's more like it.

Source : 90min

Source: 90min