Call yourself a Liverpool fan?

Last updated : 24 January 2014 By Adam Bryant

However, that doesn’t stop the keyboard warriors on Facebook and Twitter condemning the club, the manager and everyone else down to the tea lady for failing to sign him.

As it stands, Liverpool have made a bid for the FC Basel winger. Chelsea appear to have made an increased offer which the Swiss club have provisionally accepted. That’s it. Nothing more.

Salah has yet to comment and as far as I’m aware hasn’t made a decision which club to sign for. Calling him a mercenary at this stage in proceedings certainly doesn’t do us any favours.

Brendan Rodgers has clearly stated he wants Salah at Liverpool, but if Basel accept a higher bid from another club then its not his fault. If Ian Ayre refuses to allow more funds to go back with an increased offer then fair enough but until then stop bloody moaning, and certainly don’t blame the manager!

Liverpool fans used to be famous for their knowledge of the game, but common sense seems to have been eroded and the result is a gathering of mindless knee-jerk so-called fans who don’t have a clue how the business works. All that matters is that we lost out to Chelsea… again.

I agree that we need to be more proactive in the transfer market, but for God’s sake save the moaning and complaining for when the deal is done!