Jamie Carragher talks about Anfield [VIDEO]

Last updated : 12 April 2024 By LFC Online

“You feel that you’re safe at Anfield, you’re confident there," he said. "I played there so often I felt that wherever I was with the ball – and it’s a strange thing to say – it was like deja vu. I

"’d been in every part of the pitch, and so every time I got the ball in certain areas, I felt like I’d been there before. Sometimes things would flash through your mind. You always felt you knew where you were. That’s the way it was at Anfield for me. I always felt safe.

“Anfield around the world is renowned for huge atmosphere. People always wish they had it at their clubs. I think that says it all.”

Extract taken from ‘This is Anfield’, an LFCTV exclusive documentary available to LFCTV subscribers from 18th September.