Jurgen Klopp on Ralf Rangnick, Liverpool's recent form, quadruple & Merseyside derby

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has admitted that he 'feels for' Ralf Rangnick due to the current situation at Mancester United.

Liverpool thumped Man Utd 4-0 at Anfield in midweek, and ahead of another derby for Klopp's men this weekend, the Reds manager sat down with Jamie Carragher on Sky Sports to discuss his side's quadruple chances, Rangnick's situation, and the Merseyside derby.

On improvements from last season

"I knew we would have a better season. That was clear. We brought in Ibrahima Konate and all our centre halves were cleared to come back for pre-season.

"It was clear that we have a really good football team.

"We achieved somethings last season which I consider to be some of the most special things I've achieved in my career because I didn't see it coming with all of the problems that we had.

"Yes, we knew that we would be better, but did we think we'd be in two finals and the semi finals of the Champions League? No, of course not."

On quadruple

"There is a possibility because we are in two finals and the Champions League semis, and one point behind the leaders [Man City] in the Premier League [now four but Liverpool have a game in hand due to be played on Sunday vs Everton], so that is a possibility.

"But then if you look at it as a whole you'll see that it's not actually possible and then you won't care about it. And we don't. We really go game by game, and that's the only way I understand it.

"If you think about the opponents we have in the Premier League: it looks like we have to win all our remaining games in the league and, if we do that, from the 19 games in the second part of the season we would've won 17 and drawn two. Who can think about something like that? It's completely crazy.

"If you think like that it makes it really unlikely so we don't do it. Easy.

"We just go for the next one, and try to play the best football we can."

On Man Utd game

"Yes [it would've been difficult for any team to cope with Liverpool in the first half], it would've because we were really good.

"But we should not forget that...in this situation and in this moment, it was really difficult for Man Utd to come here [Anfield]. It's one of these situations where it's not going really well and when you look at the schedule you think 'oh my god, now we have to go there?', so that was not a perfect set-up for United obviously.

"We all know, the first good new for United people, is that Erik ten Hag agreed a contract so that future starts now, but they have to get through this season as well.

"It's hard for Ralf Rangnick. I know how it sounds when the manager of Liverpool says 'I feel a little bit for him' but it is like that because I can understand that it's really difficult. You go to Liverpool and you have no defensive midfielder, that's not good news, and that's the situation they're in.

"I'm not interested in gulfs or distances between us and them."

On recent form

"It helps a lot that Mo [Salah] and Sadio [Mane] got their real legs back. They were not in a bad moment but January was insane for them, and that's why we tried to get them through, leave them out here, give them a rest there, in a schedule that doesn't give you any kind of break.

"I saw it before the City game, honestly it was obvious - it was like someone took the brake away.

"It's all about opponents as well. We can't high press against an opponent who is just kicking long balls.

"Physically we are in a good moment as well, and that's how it always was when you go through the really tough December and January."

On Frank Lampard & Everton's situation

"I have to say I really thought Frank did a really good job at Chelsea. I liked how they played. Chelsea, are a club with massive expectations so you can be first, second, third and if you don't win the Champions League or whatever you were out of the job.

"I really liked what Frank did at Chelsea.

"Everton are obviously in a difficult situation but these games have nothing to do with the table really. It's always intense - for me at times it was too intense.

"It's a great game and I hope they stay in the league because the Merseyside Derby should always be on the fixture list."

Source : 90min