Jurgen Klopp reveals how players responded to news of Liverpool exit

Jurgen Klopp has praised the Liverpool squad for their response to his revelation that he will leave the Anfield dugout this summer.

In Friday's press conference, Klopp hailed the Liverpool squad for taking the news in their stride and keeping their focus on the remainder of the season.

"The reaction of the players was top, it was really good," he said. "We've known each other for so long that they know I don't say things like that and then walk away. I'm here. I'm fully here.

"I spoke to the players altogether, and then I spoke to a few players after that. We have a really strong bond, so they didn't ask questions yet. We are professionals.

"I think we had cameras out there for the training session and you can see the boys are in a really good mood. It's not that they were getting up and having a party when I told them, it was just an announcement. I told them it's different to other situations. Usually, when a manager is in a dressing room talking like that, he got sacked. That wouldn't have happened here because of the things we reached with each other."

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