Dynasty: Fifty Years of Shankly's Liverpool

By Paul Tomkins
Last updated : 23 May 2011

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But how was that success achieved? And how can those successes (and failures) be measured against one another?

"Dynasty" sets the context for such analysis, examining the obstacles each manager faced and the fortune they had along the way. Which manager did the best job? What situation - and what players - did each inherit? What state was the club in, politically and financially? How expertly were they assisted by their coaching staff? How much did they spend, in relative terms? How did each of their signings pan out? What legacy did they bequeath? How dominant, rich and/or well-managed were rival teams?

In addition to all this, there's a look at each Liverpool manager's record in the main competitions, as well as what they, and other key personalities, had to say, all of which make "Dynasty" the most complete assessment of the club during the ups and downs of the last fifty years.

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