John Houlding

By Kevin Smith
Last updated : 12 June 2008

They began playing at Anfield Road, a field rented from a brewer named John Orrell. As Everton became more established Houlding began to build football stands at Anfield Road.

However, after a dispute in 1892 the club split into two groups. One group decided to move over to Goodison Park, while Houlding and a few others remained at Anfield Road, and adopted the name Liverpool Football Club.

Houlding appointed his friend, John McKenna as manager of the club while he tried to apply for entrance to the Football League. He eventually succeeded in 1892.

Houlding died in 1902 at the age of 70. At his funeral, palyers of both Liverpool and Everton carried his coffin as a mark of respect for all he had done for football in the city.

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