Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Reveals Liverpool's Worst Trainer in Passing Drill

Liverpool midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has singled out teammate Andy Robertson as the worst player he's ever seen when taking part in the passing drill known as a rondo.

Oxlade-Chamberlain has been sidelined for the opening two months of the season with a knee injury he picked up in August. Liverpool have been forced to cope in his absence on numerous occasions since his move from Arsenal to Merseyside in 2017.

He may not have taken to the field as of yet, but the England international, after dishing out a healthy dollop of praise, did reveal a weakness in Robertson's game, at least on the training pitch.

Speaking on Soccer AM's Teammate 2.0, in a section of the segment originally about the dress sense of the Liverpool squad entitled 'Fashion Fails', Oxlade-Chamberlain prefaced his comments by saying: "I'm close enough with Robbo where I can hammer him and he won't take too much offence."

Having delivered a mixed verdict on Robertson's attire, Oxlade-Chamberlain went off on a slight tangent, saying: "I say to everyone all the time: 'How can someone that is so bad in a box, or a rondo - like, the worst I've ever seen - be so good in a match?'

"You watch him in a rondo and it looks like he's never played football before... [The ball is] bouncing off here, there, everywhere."

Andy Robertson racked up double figures for assists in each of the last two Premier League seasons | Pool/Getty Images

Before Oxlade-Chamberlain dished out his less than flattering assessment of Robertson's performance in a particular training drill, the 27-year-old did describe the Scotland international as 'one of, if not the best left-backs in the world'.

Oxlade-Chamberlain went on to caveat his comments with: "He gets in a match and he's so reliable."

Liverpool's number 15 had nothing but praise for the remainder of his teammates at club level, lauding the impact of summer signing Thiago Alcantara.

He added: "Thiago has just stepped in the building and he's been one of my favourite midfielders for years.. So to see him do what he does on the daily... he's a top, top player."

Source : 90min