Diogo Jota is first in the world on FUT Champs leaderboard - yes, really

Liverpool star Diogo Jota is currently unable to demonstrate his superb skills on the pitch for the Reds, but he is clearly keeping himself as sharp as a knife off of it.

The 24-year-old suffered an injury at the beginning of December 2020, which has sidelined him ever since, and his teammates have certainly missed his creativity during their poor run of form over the Christmas period.

But the Portuguese star has been releasing his excess energy through another source - FIFA. Jota proved himself to be an incredibly talented video gamer this weekend, winning all 30 of his FUT Champs matches to top the world's leaderboard for the weekend league.

He posted a story on his Instagram feed of his FUT Champs record, along with the cheeky caption, 'Just said I will play until I lose,' accompanied by a laughing face. The image also showed his rank as number one in the world - a seriously impressive feat.

Anyone who has endured the frustration and heartache of a FUT Champs weekend will know that victories can be hard to come by at times, but Jota demonstrated his unshakeable winning mentality to fight off his 30 opponents.

It's a record which most pro FIFA players struggle to obtain at times, in EA Sports' most competitive and hard-fought game mode.

We shouldn't be too surprised by this, however. After all, Jota has strutted his stuff on the big stage before, when he faced - and beat - Trent Alexander-Arnold in the final of the FIFA 20 ePremier League Invitational.

These two virtual rivals are now teammates, a fact which must sting Alexander-Arnold every time he stares into the eyes of the former Wolverhampton Wanderers player. Liverpool supporters will enjoy a wry grin at their winger's success this weekend, but they'll be hoping that he's far too busy to compete in the online competition in the future, by winning real games at Anfield.

Source : 90min