How Liverpool's Masters Football Team Would Look in 2020

​Who doesn't like watching ex-pros waddle around an indoor arena, poke a few loose passes into the net, claim they meant them and then squabble over niggling fouls like a bunch of schoolkids? The answer: everyone.

And if you aren't part of the group who absolutely love Masters Football, then stop reading now. This isn't for you.

For those of you with any sense that are continuing on, then we've got a treat in store for you. Sitting here and yearning for any modicum of football-related joy, just one of the many formats of the sport we'd like to see back on our screens is the much-loved annual nationwide six-a-side tournament.

Letting our imaginations run wild somewhat, we're taking a look at what some modern-day versions of the event might look like should they return to entertain us once more. This time, we're looking at ​Liverpool.

To make the selections easier, the following restrictions have been made regarding player eligibility:

  • Only players aged 35 or over are eligible, and they must not be currently playing, coaching, managing or have any other role at a club that isn’t only ambassadorial
  • Where possible, club legend games will be used to narrow selection choices
  • If a player has health conditions that would prevent them from playing, then they will not be included

Here we go.

Jerzy Dudek (Goalkeeper)

Liverpool goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek stands

Age: 47

Years Spent at Liverpool: 2001-2007

Club Highlight: Saving Andriy Shevchenko's penalty to win the ​Champions League.

Club Lowlight: Horror showing against ​Manchester United that gifted Diego Forlan a tap-in.

Did you know that Liverpool have another Polish goalkeeper on their books at the moment? And, in fact, he's been there since 2016? No, me neither.

Which means there isn't much competition for 'best Polish goalkeeper in Liverpool's history' that Jerzy Dudek needs to contend with. In fact, there isn't much competition for 'best Polish player in Liverpool's history', simply because Dudek is the only Pole to actually make an appearance for them.

Was capable of both the brilliant and bizarre, which would make for cracking viewing in Masters Football.

Daniel Agger (Defender)

Liverpool's Danish defender Daniel Agger

Age: 35

Years Spent at Liverpool: 2006-2014

Club Highlight: That thunderb****** against West Ham.

Club Lowlight: Being injured 620 times a season.

It speaks volumes of Daniel Agger's character when you see how well-loved he is by fans of the club despite only averaging 26 games a season in the nine years he spent on Merseyside.

The tattooed Dane was known for not taking s**t from anyone, ever, and that alone is why he endeared himself to supporters and onlookers alike. It does also helps when you tattoo 'YNWA' across your knuckles.

Jamie Carragher (Defender)

Jamie Carragher

Age: 42 

Years Spent at Liverpool: 1996-2013

Club Highlight: Winning the Champions League in a side containing Djimi Traoré.

Club Lowlight: Being forced to play alongside Djimi Traoré.

A fairly straightforward inclusion is a man who's taken to the punditry box with effortless fluidity since his retirement. Unlike colleague Gary Neville, he opted against going down the management route, which is probably a good thing since the idea of any player with only basic English skills understanding anything he says is hilarious.

I hope he thinks about that incredible shot that hit the post on his final match as much as we all do. Now that would have been such a fitting end.

Dietmar Hamann (Midfielder)

Deitmar Hamann

Age: 46

Years Spent at Liverpool: 1999-2006

Club Highlight: Winning the Champions League with a broken toe.

Club Lowlight: The absolute farce of a transfer saga he went through upon leaving.

Going to need a bit of German efficiency in midfield in order to stand any chance of winning Masters Football. A controlling, tough-tackling and no-nonsense giant of man will make mincemeat of opposing players.

With legs longer than most people's entire bodies, he'll be able to snatch possession from anywhere as long as he stands in the middle of the pitch. A solid addition to this side. Just don't be surprised when he gives you an earful mid-game.

Luis Garcia (Winger)

Luis Garcia

Age: 41

Years Spent at Liverpool: 2004-2007

Club Highlight: Scoring in a Champions League semi-final but not actually scoring in a Champions League semi-final.

Club Lowlight: Rupturing his ACL in a 6-3 defeat to Arsenal.

The fact he was playing as recently as 2016 shows that Luis Garcia has still got what it takes. Sure, it was in Australia, but that's not the point. The point is that the Spaniard was a very talented footballer, and despite only being at the club for three seasons, he left a significant impact on the club.

Loved and adored by all - and not just because he's a good looking bloke - he still regularly features in legend games for the club.

Fernando Torres (Striker)

Fernando Torres

Age: 36

Years Spent at Liverpool: 2007-2011

Club Highlight: Sitting Nemanja Vidic on his arse at Old Trafford.

Club Lowlight: Not winning a single bit of silverware at Anfield.

Straight into the side is the recently retired Spaniard, who showed the world of football he still had it with a whopping six goals in 39 outings for Sagan Tosu.

All jokes aside, in his pomp there were few better than Fernando Torres. He terrorised defender up and down the country, week in, week out (only in the colour red, mind) and even if his departure still leaves a sour taste in many Liverpool fans' mouths, they'd welcome him with open arms in the Masters.


Sami Hyypiä (Defender)

Liverpool's Finnish defender Sami Hyypia

Age: 46

Years Spent at Liverpool: 1999-2009

Club Highlight: The 2005 Champions League (obvs).

Club Lowlight: Also being forced to play alongside Djimi Traoré.

One of the coolest men in football is perhaps unlucky not to be in the starting lineup.

If he wouldn't be available then Dolph Lundgren could fill in for him.

John Barnes (Winger)


Age: 56

Years Spent at Liverpool: 1987-1997

Club Highlight: A couple of FA Cups and just being an all-round cool dude.

Club Lowlight:​ It's not his music, so don't even go there.

While many will be championing for John Barnes to earn a starting role, there are two things to consider:

A) He's 56 now. 

B) What better motivation can you have as a player than a club legend rapping on the sidelines to gee-up the team?

Michael Owen (Striker)

David Beckham Match for Children in aid of UNICEF

Age: 40

Years Spent at Liverpool: 1996-2004

Club Highlight: Putting Arsenal to the sword in the 2001 FA Cup final...and the Ballon d'Or, I suppose.

Club Lowlight: Joining Manchester United, I suppose.

Michael Owen is the last English player to win the Ballon d'Or. Fact. He's on the team.

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Source : 90min