Jrgen Klopp Stunned by Liverpool's 'Exceptional' 4-0 Win Over Crystal Palace

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp struggled to express his delight with his side's performance in Wednesday's 4-0 win over Crystal Palace, admitting it could have been one of the best showings he has ever seen.

The Reds were overwhelmingly dominant against a side who have created real problems for them in the past, and the victory now leaves Liverpool needing just two points (or Manchester City to drop two) to win the Premier League title.

Even without fans cheering them on, Liverpool put on a display worthy of the title, and here's what Klopp told his post-match press conference (via the club's official website) after the game.

On the Performance in General

"We showed a lot, if not everything, what helped us into the position we are in now. There are obviously different ways of football, different ways you can play this game but you don't have to compare it, so it's not too important.

"What I saw tonight, I wanted to have that before this part of the season and I said to the boys, 'I want to see actually the best behind-closed-doors football ever'. I'm not sure if it was the best football but it was, for sure, the best counter-pressing behind closed doors ever. The attitude we showed tonight, the passion we showed was exceptional and we played some outstanding football.

"The boys themselves love the way we play and they know that made us successful and they want to do these things. We had a lot of good games in the last couple of years, but I cannot remember a 4-0 after 80 minutes or so when, if a player from the other team wins the ball, there are four players chasing like it is the only ball. I really like that and that is us. That is us; there are different ways to play football, but this is us – you want to have the ball, you can have it, but we want to have it back. And when we have the ball, we do some good stuff with it. That is us."

On Whether He Plans to Celebrate During Man City's Next Game

City will travel to Stamford Bridge to face Chelsea on Thursday in the knowledge that anything less than a win will hand Liverpool the title.

"Look, I am not involved in things like this – I have nothing to do with these things. I watch the game tomorrow night to know what City is doing and to know what Chelsea is doing, but we play them having kind of an idea at least. That's why I watch and I really have nothing to do with any other things and we don’t plan things like that.

"I watch the game tomorrow night, not to prepare a celebration – I watch the game because we play against City a week later. So I have to watch it, especially against Chelsea, who we play as well."

On Pep Guardiola's Suggestion of Resting Players

Pep Guardiola has suggested he could rest players for the Chelsea game

City boss Pep Guardiola had hinted (via Goal) that he may have to rest his star players against Chelsea to keep them fresh for an upcoming FA Cup clash with Newcastle United, but Klopp was having none of it.

"What? He said that? Pep...he should play poker probably," Klopp said.

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Source : 90min