Jurgen Klopp Offers Update on Alissons Calf Injury as Liverpool Fans Wait Anxiously for Stopper

​Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has confirmed that goalkeeper Alisson has made progress in his recovery from a calf injury, although it will likely still be a long time before he returns to action.

Alisson picked up the injury during Liverpool's Premier League opener against Norwich City, collapsing as he went to kick the ball, and he has since been replaced by reserve shot stopper Adrian.


Speaking ahead of ​Liverpool's clash with ​Burnley (via the club's ​official website), Klopp revealed that things are going well for Alisson, but Adrian will retain his place in the starting lineup for the foreseeable future.

Klopp said: “He [has] made steps, of course, but it was a proper injury, so it will still take time. How it always is with professional sportsmen, when you have a muscle thing and it takes long, then it takes a while as well until you can bring the muscle to at least the same level it was before.

“A calf muscle is pretty important for jumping – and for a goalie, it is quite important that you can jump from time to time, so it will take time. But, thank God – and hopefully it stays like this – we have a fit Adrian in the back and now in charge, which is good. So far, I am really happy with everything I saw.

“He is a good guy, which is important as well, but most importantly of course he can catch balls and that’s good as well. The solution we found for it is really good, but of course it would be better if Ali was around but that will take still some time.”

Liverpool currently sit top of the ​Premier League as the only side with a perfect record, having beaten ​Norwich City​Southampton and ​Arsenal to begin their push for the league title in the best possible way.

Source : 90min