Jurgen Klopp Vows Its Only the Start for His Liverpool Team as Reds Win Sixth European Cup

From Madrid - Jurgen Klopp has vowed that winning the Champions League on Saturday night "is only the start" for Liverpool, and that his young team be looking to win more trophies in the years to come.

Liverpool won a sixth European title in Madrid, beating Tottenham 2-0, and it was Klopp's first piece of silverware as manager on Merseyside. Liverpool went ahead with an early penalty from Mohamed Salah, while Divock Origi struck late in the game to seal the win.

Klopp spoke at length about the night itself and how he and his players felt after winning the trophy, among other things, and here's how his post-match press conference went down.

Jurgen Klopp on Tottenham & Losing Finals

"I know how Tottenham feel in this moment better than anybody else in the world. They played a sensational season as well, and they would’ve deserved it as well, obviously. But tonight, we scored the goals at the right moment.

Mauricio Pochettino,Jurgen Klopp

"But, I told [Pochettino] directly after the game that he should be really proud of what they did this year as well. So yes, that’s it."

On How He Felt in the Moment

"I only want to enjoy that we won it. All the rest is not important, it’s for all the people around the world, in the stadium, they are with us and they are now celebrating like crazy. And whoever is in ​Liverpool tomorrow, maybe we will celebrate together, we will have a sensational night. 

"I feel mostly relieved to be honest - relieved for...for my family actually because they are pretty close to me, as you can imagine. And the last six times, we always flew on holiday with the silver medal, which doesn’t feel too cool."

On a Conversation With Pep Guardiola

"A second ago I spoke to Pep Guardiola on the phone because our head physio worked for ​Manchester City at the beginning of the season, but he wanted to win the Champions League... no it’s a joke! 

"We promised each other already that we would kick our butts next year again. So, we will go for everything and see if we get something. That’s it."

On the Players, Criticism & His Emotions

"I’m happy for the boys. Look, you know what people said about a couple of the players in this team and stuff like that. Jordan Henderson is the captain of the Champions League winners 2019. That’s satisfying, actually.

Jordan Henderson

"And all these boys that...Milly [​James Milner] did it at the age of 33, I think, as one of the most... So they are all very important. But I can say it again: without Milly’s dressing room talks before the game with a non-native manager, I think it would not be possible. 

"The emotion...that’s my main feeling; it’s overwhelming, all that stuff. It feels really good but I’m much calmer than I thought I would be when it finally happened, so it was not important to me to touch the cup or whatever.

"There will be a moment when I’m completely overwhelmed for myself, maybe. But, look at my coaches, what we all did during the year to try to take the next steps when we started in Evian in the training camps, bringing in these players and knowing they need time, but we have to win football games from the start, and all that stuff.

Jordan Henderson

"It was difficult, but it feels so good: 97 points. Now you can say it: 97 points in the league is incredible and winning the Champions League. That’s an unbelievably long way to go and we did it. That’s incredible."

On Liverpool's Future

"I’m just involved in the development but I get it, we have to win things. It’s really important for us now that people don’t ask all the time about not winning or winning. So, now we’ve won something, we will carry on. We will win and we want to win things, 100%. This group, and I said it, this is only the start for this group.

"So, there is still a wonderful age group, they all have the best times in their career still ahead of them, so that’s big. For me, I’m really happy. I have a lot of silver medals and now I have a golden one so, that will be next to the silver medals in my house and that’s cool."

There's a bright future to come, for sure.

Source : 90min