Jürgen Klopp Admits He Was 100% Sure Man Utds Goal Would Be Disallowed During 1-1 Draw

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp has revealed he was disappointed with the VAR decisions during the Reds' 1-1 draw with Manchester United on Sunday.

Marcus Rashford's opener was awarded despite an alleged foul on Divock Origi, and then Sadio Mané saw a goal ruled out just minutes later after it was determined he had handled the ball in the buildup.

Marcus Rashford

Speaking after the game (via the ​Liverpool Echo), Klopp was adamant he was not frustrated, but he could not hide his confusion at the decision to allow ​United's goal to stand.

He said: "I would be really interested in what you all think...I know what I think. I was 100% sure VAR would overrule it. The ref let the game run because he has VAR. But VAR then says it's not clear, so he could say it isn't a foul but should we overrule it? I'm not angry.

"I know sometimes in England you say 'that's not a foul, it's a challenge'. [Referee Martin] Atkinson let it go because somebody else could make a decision, and they didn't make the decision.

Divock Origi

"They scored a goal that shows all the problems with VAR. Mr Atkinson, I’m sure, thinks he’ll let the game run because we have VAR. Then the VAR says ‘yeah there was contact, but you saw it differently'. 100% I see it like this. It’s a general problem. I really think the goal they scored is a general thing we talk about. It's about the process."

However, the ​Liverpool boss was eager to try and move away from VAR, which he admitted does have its positives.

"We can't change that goal now. It is good we have VAR, only thing it really works with 100% is handball, offside it always works really well," Klopp added.

Jurgen Klopp,Virgil Van Dijk

"But the process between the referee and VAR, when there are decisions [by the referee]. When the referee lets it run, VAR then comes back and thinks well the game was allowed to run...

"For 100% sure I thought it was a foul on ​Origi, I calmed my bench down because I was sure it would be overturned.

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Source : 90min