Kenny aiming for boot-room mentality

Last updated : 16 January 2011 By Al Campbell

Newly returned as Liverpool manager, Dalglish wants to recreate the atmosphere that made the club such a success during his first spell in charge, and believes re-creating the boot-room will help in that respect.

"The Boot Room shouldn't just be perceived as somewhere to go to have a drink with the opposition manager," said the King.

"Wherever you go, all teams should be the same. The Boot Room was somewhere were everything was discussed and everything that was pertinent to LFC was discussed in there.

"Certainly that's the way I've been brought up and that's how I try to be. I always include the staff and at the end of the day there's staff with various roles and responsibilities and we all get on with our jobs.

"The Boot Room unified everyone and I don't know if there have been any divisions here in times gone by, but there certainly won't be any divisions as long as I'm sitting here."