Kenny talks about Babel's future

Last updated : 20 January 2011 By Adam Bryant

"I think there's a stabilisation now, obviously we got a great lift when the new owners came in so I think it's getting a bit more stable than it was before because everybody knows who owns the club now," said the new Liverpool boss.

"They are good people. We had a positive meeting yesterday with John and Tom, we discussed many things. One of them obviously is transfers and there's no problem as long as we're responsible we can go and try to sign players and bring them in.

"But we're not going to give you names of them or give answers about an individual player and I'm not going to talk about sums of money. I think anytime I've been in the transfer market it has been responsible so I'll continue to do that and try and spend the club's money as diligently as I spend my own."

When asked about Ryan Babel's future he added: "We accepted a bid from Hoffenheim. Ryan is considering what he wants to do which is his right. The transfer will only go through if three parties agree. He trained yesterday as if the conversation had never happened so that's no problem for us. If he's here he won't be walking about sulking. He'll be treated the same as everybody else.

"As soon as we start winning games we can start looking forward and upwards but I've really enjoyed being back and if other people are getting a certain amount of satisfaction about it then fine but I'm sure we'll all be happier once we start winning games."