Kenny thanks fans

Last updated : 10 January 2011 By Al Campbell

The 9,000 Reds at Old Trafford yesterday easily outsung the 63,000 Man Ure fans as they gave their full backing to Dalglish. The new Liverpool boss paid tribute to the supporters in his post-match press conference.

"The reception of the fans was unbelievable. It crossed my mind to do a Mourinho or a Gary Neville and run down the line to their corner but I never made it!" joked the King.

"But the fans have always held a special place for me and my family and thankfully they've got a long memory of those happy times. I hope we can bring them back. Their support for me today was superb.

"I cannot see into the future. All I can do is promise the same as when I signed in 1977 - 100 per cent commitment from Kenny Dalglish.

"The next six months will be fantastic for me. If we put as much effort and commitment to the cause as we have today then we should be alright.

"It's my responsibility to encourage the players and improve them, and hopefully we'll get better."