Liverpool Premier League Month in Review: September - Best Player, Performance & Overall Rating

​Liverpool started the season with a faultless August, and have followed that up with another perfect month as they continue to wheel away at the top of the Premier League.

Jurgen Klopp's men have shown very little frailties as they hunt for their maiden Premier League title, with a number of clubs on the receiving end of losses to the Reds.

Let's have a look back on the month of September, and how Liverpool have continued their marvellous start to the season.

Best Player

Roberto Firmino

Despite having a team with a number of hugely talented individuals, many people believe that ​Roberto Firmino is Liverpool's most important player. And boy, did he show it last month, with several fantastic performances.

With Liverpool struggling against a solid Newcastle defence, the Brazilian came off the bench to set up two goals - one, an outstanding flick into the path of Mohamed Salah. He also scored against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, but was quiet against Sheffield United - although the whole team was.

Firmino is a pivotal player in the ​Liverpool team, and they will need him fit and firing all season if they are to win the league.

Worst Player

Jordan Henderson

Look, it's tough to say that any Liverpool player has been bad, but if you had to pick, it's Jordan Henderson.

He was okay against Chelsea, but against Sheffield United, the England international was slow, cumbersome, and added no dynamism into the midfield. He was constantly looking sideways and backwards and lacked any sort of spark.

​Henderson will always divide opinion, and despite him being a good player, Liverpool would surely be considerably better with a higher quality midfielder where he plays.

Best Performance

Roberto Firmino

Despite looking uneasy at times in the second half, the Reds' win at Stamford Bridge was definitely their best performance. 

It's never easy to beat Chelsea at their place, but a wicked first half performance capped off by goals from Trent Alexander-Arnold and Firmino gave the Blues a mountain to climb.

Chelsea put huge pressure on the Liverpool defence in the second half, but they stood firm among a barrage of attacks and a N'Golo Kante goal to hang on for a very impressive win.

Worst Performance

John Fleck,Trent Alexander-arnold

There's no other way to put it: Liverpool were poor against Sheffield United. There was no creativity, no impetus, and to be honest, the Blades will feel like they should have won the game. 

The Reds lacked a little bit of everything. There was just nothing going on. They were handed a very fortunate 1-0 win all thanks to a howler from goalkeeper Dean Henderson.

Of course, a win is a win. But Klopp will know performances will have to be better than that if they are to win the league this season

Best Goal

Liverpool had a number of great goals to pick from, including Sadio Mane's finessed effort against Newcastle, and Alexander-Arnold's fizzing strike against Chelsea.

However, their best goal has to go to Mohamed Salah for his goal against Newcastle. 

The majority of the credit has to go to Firmino though. After receiving the ball from the Egyptian, the forward produced an incredible piece of skill to flick the ball back towards ​Salah, who took the ball towards goal then drillled it into the bottom corner.

Salah's finish alone wouldn't have been a contender for the best goal, but the magic produced by Firmino does enough to make it Liverpool's Premier League goal of the month.

Overall Rating

Trent Alexander Arnold

Liverpool have had another phenomenal month in the Premier League, and will now be a lot of people's favourites for the Premier League title.

Despite a loss to Napoli in the Champions League, Liverpool have won three from three in the league, and who's to bet against them continuing their run in October?

However, after a poor performance against Sheffield United and a questionable second half against Chelsea, full marks is out of their reach. Although, I'm sure Jurgen Klopp won't be too bothered with the nature of their wins.

Rating: 9/10

Source : 90min