Liverpool Prove Theyre More Than Just a High Intensity Press With Remarkable Heading Stat

We all know by now that Liverpool are rather good. And when we say good, we mean exceptional, and among the very best in the world.

Hell, they're the reigning champions of Europe for a reason. 

But with every good team comes the same old guff - naysayers looking for chinks in the armour, desperately looking for things to pick apart in what is actually a very well-oiled machine.

This particular ​Liverpool side, as good as they are, have been accused of over-reliance on their front three of Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino and ​Sadio Mane. They also become known for their high-intensity pressing game, which relentlessly runs teams ragged for the best part of 90 minutes.

Indeed, it's Liverpool's supreme fitness levels that often see them overcome their opposition, as their relentless, in-your-face style eventually takes it's toll. But actually, there is something else they're rather good. Yes, another thing.

Winning headers. That was evidenced this weekend when Joel Matip leapt like a salmon to beat Sokratis in the air, powering a header past Arsenal goalkeeper Bernd Leno to hand the Reds a lead they would fail to surrender - eventually winning 3-1.

But really, we should have seen it coming. Matip's goal, as noted by ​Opta, was the 22nd headed Premier League goal that Liverpool have scored since the start of last season. That's seven more than any other side.

Matip's goal was also the third header scored by the Reds this season - Virgil van Dijk and Divock Origi having both already done the honours against Norwich on the opening day. 

Virgil van Dijk,Trent Alexander-Arnold,Andy Robertson

One other thing to note is that without the exceptional deliveries of Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andrew Robertson, Liverpool would probably not be in this position - but they are, and they are absolutely loving it.

Source : 90min