Liverpool Raise Concerns to FIFA Over Potential Tapping Up of Bobby Adekanye by SS Lazio

Liverpool have today expressed concern to FIFA over potential tapping up of former winger Bobby Adekanye by his new club Lazio. 

The 20-year-old turned down a new contract offer from the Reds and made the move to Italy after becoming increasingly frustrated with his lack of first team opportunities on Merseyside, however, the Champions League winners have grown concerned that the move may have developed illegally. 

Unlike senior professionals, players that are part of an Under-23 squad cannot begin transfer negotiations in the final six months of their contract, however, in an interview conducted by back in March, Adekanye seemed to suggest that this may have not been the case with himself.

During the discussion, he said (as quoted by ​Evening Standard): "That it would be completed with Lazio is not at all the case. It's not over yet. It is one of the clubs that is interested, but it is not yet 100 per cent decided.

“I also heard from ​Barcelona and in the Netherlands Willem II came by. I can't name the entire list of clubs now, because then we will be busy tomorrow but there is interest from, among others, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain.

"In the summer I am going to talk about it with my family and business manager Junior Minguella. I am not worried that I have no club.”

Liverpool FC v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League

It is yet to be seen whether or not ​Liverpool will lodge a formal complaint towards the ​Serie A side and follow up their initial communication with FIFA but it only seems logical of them to do so if you take into account the Virgil van Dijk and ​Southampton saga of 2017, right?

Source : 90min