Liverpool Receive Bonus Boosts From Prize Money & Philippe Coutinho Deal After Champions League Win

​Liverpool's phenomenal comeback victory against Barcelona in Tuesday night's Champions League semi-final ensured the Reds will earn another £13m from the competition this season, while reports that the win cost the club £5m from add-ons in Philippe Coutinho's transfer have been deemed false.

Jurgen Klopp's side provided one of the most memorable nights in the club's history, as Gini Wijnaldum and Divock Origi doubles overturned a seemingly impossible first-leg deficit to send the Reds to the final in Madrid next month.

​Liverpool's run to the final has been incredibly beneficial financially, with the ​Liverpool Echo reporting that the club earned around £9m for their last 16 victory over Bayern Munich, £10.3m for the quarter-final against Porto and a further £12.9m for this week's triumph over Barcelona.  

Mohamed Salah

The report notes that should they win the final on 1 June, Liverpool would pocket, a further £3.4m.

Meanwhile, in other financial news, reports that suggested Liverpool's victory over ​Barcelona had ironically cost them around £5m in add-ons from Coutinho's transfer have been deemed inaccurate.

In a separate ​Echo report, it is claimed that the clause, which pays out €5m (£4.3m), came into effect if Barça reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League not only the final, as some outlets suggested.

The ​Telegraph adds that 'most of the bonuses have already been triggered' in Coutinho's potential £142m deal.

Philippe Coutinho,Ivan Rakitic

Coutinho traded Merseyside for Catalonia when Liverpool and Barcelona agreed on a fee of £105m that could rise to £142m with certain clauses back in January 2018.

Since arriving at Camp Nou however, Brazilian has struggled to live up to expectations, and has never enjoyed the same rapport he did with Liverpool's fans - a point accentuated during his 'fingers in the ears' celebration after scoring against Manchester United in their Champions League quarter-final.


This clashing with the Barcelona fans, alongside his fairly mediocre performances this season has led to reports that Coutinho could already be on his way out of the club. 

If this is indeed the case, one would expect that Barça would struggle to recoup the amount splurged on the midfielder less than 18 months ago. 

Source : 90min

Source: 90min