Roy regrets comments

Last updated : 01 January 2011 By Al Campbell

The Reds boss made a sarcastic comment about fans becoming supporters after he received stick following Wednesday's defeat to Wolves. Now Hodgson has claimed he was misquoted.

"I didn't mention the fans. I had to answer the question about how it felt to be jeered and to be made the focal point of the fans' anger for the performances. Of course, in answering that question I made it perfectly clear that I empathise with them. I understand that it is up to me to take that on the chin," he said.

"I also made the point that it's not been an easy ride for me from the start. I don't think I was the first choice as an appointment with a lot of the fans and my only way to win them around is to produce a better team and win matches.

"Having said that, I have also received some very supportive comments. They realise I've taken on a difficult job and realise it's been a difficult six months. If I've offended the fans then I deeply regret that.

"I think those of you that were there (journalist) heard my answers and heard how I explained myself. I'm afraid that people have taken maybe one small comment from it. I was just describing my situation and accepting responsibility.

"I wasn't trying to deflect it away in any way from the fans and was taking it on the chin myself for the team's poor performances.

"The fans have every right to voice their disapproval. It's becoming more and more common as well. We've got great fans and fantastic support there's no question about that. To get the full benefit of your good support and the passion that these fans in particular have, then you've got to give them something to cheer. Quite frankly we didn't do that on Wednesday night. It's was a counter performance in every respect. We are all aware of that so why can't the fans be aware of it.

"They came here with high hopes it would be the start of a good run of victories. To see that performance and the way we went about, then you are going to get a reaction.

"I don't think they were very happy with anybody and as manager you are going to be the one in the firing line.

"I'm pretty sure they would have had some criticism for a lot of the players as well because we didn't give them what they wanted to see. We hope we can give that to them tomorrow.

"The Anfield support will always be here for this club. Once more they will be even better in times of crisis. At the moment we are at a low point. All of us are hurting badly. I am disappointed to have come here with such high hopes and after six months find myself in this situation.

"I think the fans will always get behind and support the team. They even did it the other night. After aiming a few jibes at me they were very quick to suddenly get behind the team and scream us on.

"All I can do is apologise if I've offended anyone and make it perfectly clear there was nothing offensive in my comments.

"Obviously I'm very disappointed by it. No-one wants to feel like that they are unpopular with the fans that they are working hard to gain popularity with."