Stars appear in Hicks and Gillett protest film

Last updated : 01 October 2010

Screenwriter Mike Jefferies, who was behind the famous Goal! trilogy, said he wants people to vent their anger against Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

Ricky Tomlinson will be the first to put his point of view on film at the Hope Street Hotel on Saturday.

The club is currently in £237.4m in debt with the Royal Bank of Scotland.

It is also hoped that Samuel L Jackson, John Bishop, Ian McCulloch and Daniel Craig might make an appearance, but the Woolton-born film director said he is keeping "tight-lipped" about who will feature.

Mr Jefferies said: "We want to show Hicks' family, his friends, his golf club acquaintances and his business associates the true feelings in this city.

"I thought it was the ideal way to give people the chance to express how they really feel.

"At the moment we believe he is going round different financiers and trying to get loans - we want to weaken his cause."

The film will feature short clips of people giving their point of view to the camera and it will be posted on video-sharing website YouTube.

Many Liverpool fans feel Mr Hicks and Mr Gillett have mismanaged their club and left it in a dire financial state.

Liverpool FC chairman Martin Broughton, appointed in April, has been tasked by the current owners with finding a buyer, but fans claim that Mr Hicks and Mr Gillett will put their financial interests ahead of the club's in seeking a new owner.

Mr Gillett is reported to be struggling to pay back a £75m loan secured against his 50% stake in the club in 2008 and Mr Hicks is considering buying his partner out.

At the moment the club is floundering in the bottom of the Premier League and failed to quality for the Champions League last season.

A spokesman for Liverpool FC said: "The sale process continues and our priority to find a good owner remains unchanged."


Want to take part? Get down to Hope Street Hotel at 10am on Saturday.

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