Trent Alexander-Arnold on His Favourite Liverpool Goal, Ongoing Andy Robertson Rivalry & More

​Trent Alexander-Arnold, eh? It's been apparent from day one in his Liverpool career that he's something special, but he just keeps finding new heights to which to take his game, and his side aren't half reaping the benefits. 

He's already registered ten ​Premier League assists this season, and averages more than one every four games over the course of his professional career. For a defender in a back four, that is actually quite silly. 

So, as the local hero of one of the biggest clubs on the planet, champion of Europe, champion of the world, currently on fire and bombing down the right wing towards a Premier League title...he doesn't really have to take the time out to talk to fans on Twitter, does he? 

Because he's ​Trent Alexander-Arnold, however, he does it anyway...and gets repaid with a shower of absolute nonsense flooding into his replies. 

It all started quite tamely. The usual questions, such as his favourite goal and assist in a ​Liverpool shirt. 

He has only actually scored six times for the Reds, so his first ever, coming from a free-kick in a Champions League qualifier back in 2017, might have been the obvious choice. But while there have been quite a few more assists, the question there was no more difficult. 


Moving on from the obvious, attentions then turned to the ownership of set-piece duties at Anfield. You'd have thought, given his exemplary dead-ball record, that the right-back has a monopoly on that, but apparently there is a challenger in the form of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. 

Trent, however, was having none of that. 

Wherever Alexander-Arnold is mentioned, his left-side pal isn't usually far behind. He may be leaving Andy Robertson in his dust in the assist stakes this season but the competition remains rife, and there were no shortage of questions looking to stir that one up.



At least Robertson is the funnier of the two, though.

But then we got back to putting the boot in. 


And then the question everyone wanted to know...would you rather fight 100 duck-sized Virgil van Dijks, or one Virgil van Dijk-sized duck?

The Virgil van Ducks would probably still win most headers, to be fair. 

Anyway, take it from the man himself; that's your lot. You can see what else was on the agenda via his ​Twitter

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Source : 90min