Trent Alexander-Arnold's Amazing Response to Being Asked About Leaving Liverpool One Day

"Why would I think about that?"

To a normal person, that's what you say when someone asks if you've got enough tins of beans for your government-advised 14 days of self-isolation. 

To Trent Alexander-Arnold, that's what he says when someone asks if he's put any thought to leaving ​Liverpool one day. 

Trent Alexander-Arnold

The still-only-21-year-old has grown into arguably the best attacking full-back in the world since making his debut at Anfield, winning the Champions League, the Club World Cup and UEFA Super Cup in just four seasons as a senior pro.

The young Red has smashed records in his short career, including becoming the youngest ever player to start consecutive Champions League finals and registering the most assists in a Premier League season for a defender.

It will come as music to the ears of Liverpool fans then that when asked by ​GQ if he might spend the rest of his career with the current ​Premier League leaders, the homegrown talent said: ​“I can imagine that.

“[Playing abroad] is not something I’ve ever really thought about. I’ve always loved Liverpool. I’ve always supported them. I’ve always played for them. So, I’ve never had that reason to think about it.

“Still now, I wouldn’t sit there in my room and daydream about playing somewhere else. Right now, I’m a Liverpool player. I love the club more than anything. I love everything about it. I love the fans, the people. I love the city.

"So, no, why would I think about that?”

With 14 assists in 40 appearances this season, you could make a case for the 21-year-old as the club's most valuable asset at present. 

That value is only added to by the role he plays as Scouse ambassador to the Reds' foreign stars - but he reckons Alisson, Virgil van Dijk, ​Mohamed Salah and every other overseas representative on the squad list have had no issues tuning into the Liverpool way. 

“It’s something I’m massively proud of, something I think comes with responsibility," he went on. "I don’t take it for granted, because I know it’s so hard to do it.

“It’s probably everyone in the stadium’s dream to be that person who’s in the team who’s from the actual city that they’re from and to be able to do that having been a fan growing up.

“I think they understand what the club is about, the history, this tradition, the values of the club. I grew up with it. I understood it from an early age. I was taught it throughout my childhood, whereas they weren’t.”

Source : 90min